Wk 13-Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Name

Media: found objects, plaster, cement, wood

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: nickbamf4d

Nick Bamford is currently an undergraduate in his last semester at Cal State Long Beach. Currently Nick is pursuing to major in the BFA ceramics art program. Nick exclaimed his work really isn’t inspired by anything in particular, more by the simple fact that he wants to create. Nick likes to think that his passion for art began after taking a simple ceramics course in high school. Although his parents don’t really have an appreciation for art, Nick continues to pursue art because that is what he likes.

The exhibit that remains untitled by Nick, is home to large-scale sculptures. This sculptures consist of random objects from shopping carts to windmills, while being held together by plaster, cement, wood. The sculptures maintain no shape in particular. They jut out at you in the dark room with rough sharp edges and twirling and flashing objects. An array of colors such as lime green and hot pink light up the exhibit. Nick exclaims there was no inspiration behind having his exhibit in the dark, he just believed it would be cool.

Nicks’  work is personal coming from different context and making them whole. That’s how Nick likes his work to be seen. All objects used in the sculpture, even though they may be random tie into Nicks personal life. Nick wants you to take in the pieces however they affect you. Again nothing really inspired Nicks work bedsides dos own artistic insight.

Overall Nicks exhibit was really appealing to me. The fact that it was one of the first exhibits that I have seen in the dark, I found to be really creative. The variety of objects he managed to put into each sculpture was impressive. I also enjoyed the idea of using the fluorescent colors on the sculpture to illuminate the dark room. I enjoyed this exhibit very much and definitely won’t be forgotten.





Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan


Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: cargocollective.com/samueljerniganSamule said most of thrbdndn

Instagram: @samueljenri

I found these pieces by Samuel Jernigan very interesting because they brought back some childhood memories. Some of the pieces reminded me o something out of a Dr.Seuss book or a twisted disney character. Samuel Jernigan is art program graduate in bfa ceramics. He’s from central bay area California and grew up mostly around agriculture which may or may not play a role on his work. He has been working with ceramics for the past about 16 years. Samuel became very fond of ceramics and felt very comfortable working with the material. He decided to make pieces out of ceramics because he had grown very close with ceramics and preferred it by choice. Samuel said most of the pieces were done within four months besides 2 major pieces. My favorite piece is the “beheaded cinderella” as I like to call it. Is it really cinderella?  Who knows, but everything from the neck to collar bones is so clean with vivd lines and the happy face as head was just great. This was my very gallery this week just because it made me go back in time till when I was a kid again.








Wk 4- Art Experience-Grafitti Writing

So like usual, my friends decided we should leave earlier in the morning to avoid the dreadful L.A. traffic, and like usual we didn’t leave on the set time. We leave at about 1pm so we believe there wouldn’t be so much traffic. WRONG! The drive to Venice was about an hour and a half, and like usual looking for free parking around venice is terrible. We finally find free parking a few blocks away,and while were talking towards the boardwalk we pass through the Venice Canals. I had never visited the Venice Canals, which was pretty cool sine they filmed a few scenes their for one of my favorite shows Californicaton. Finally at the boardwalk, my friends and I were starving after such a long trip, so we decide to gave have lunch. We got distracted and forgot all about lunch, when a street performer was about to walk on broken glass. The show was awesome, this man walked on broken glass bottles without even gutting a cut. He must have a foot full of calases is what I’m thinking. So we finally head to the art wall and with so many nice pieces, i dint know what part i should use as my canvas. My friend immediately begins to paint, so I thought what the heck lets just get to it. Painting on the walls in venice does create a lot of buzz, a lot of people looked at us weird, maybe these were the sorts of people that see this as vandalism but who knows. Overall I enjoyed painting on the walls. It was such an awesome experience getting to put your piece of work on display with such great pieces. Although my  piece wasn’t the best looking, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Wk 3- Artist Conversation- Josh Vasquez


Artist:Josh Vasquez
Exhibition: Vida/Morte
Media: ink markers, clear plastic trash bags, paper mounted on wood panels, red rosin paper, and discarded flowers
Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

When I spoke to Joshua a student of the school of arts, I was very interested in the image he was trying to portray with Vida/Morte or life and death. He was very passionate about all items having an ulterior use after they are no longer useful. Basically that an item can be reused or reincarnated to portray a new image etc. This reincarnation that he sees in items can be seen throughout his work especially in his larger piece “Los Ojos” where dead flowers which are normally discarded are used to portray a different image.
My favorite piece of work by Josh is “Los Ojos” was a large floor piece that immediately captured my attention. When I entered the gallery, the aroma of dead flowers was in the air along with the dim lights and there it was,Los Ojos. Los Ojos is constructed of acrylic on red rosin paper along with discarded flowers. The piece was very dark with the paper almost portraying a grave, but the lifeless flowers still showed beauty through their dead and trampled pedals. Hints of life shown through the dark.
I believe Josh is tying to portray the theme of beauty in death.By reusing items that seem useless and maybe trash to us and use them for a new purpose such as the flowers or the plastic bags he paints his images on. A “new life” can be given to these items and that is the message I believe Josh is trying to send.
Josh’s gallery was my favorite due to the fact that I’m interested in the darker aspects of things and when I walked into his gallery I got an irie feeling. The concept of finding new life in discard items has always interested me. I found it fascinating how the dead flowers could be salvaged into a piece of art. I also enjoyed the various skull paintings especially the one with the saying “it doesn’t have to be more than this” in the eye canal. That phrase to an extent contradicts his concept of new life in his work. Perhaps a contradiction he intended.

Wk 3- Art Experience-Drawin’ w Snapchat


In this weeks art experience, it was definitely the first time I used snapchat for a school assignment. I never thought I would be assigned homework on snapchat. Anyways my terrible drawing skills were put to work this week, thank god for emojis. Walking into the different galleries was ver cool. I had never been to an art gallery before and it was definitely an experience I enjoyed. Having to share snaps with my classmates was cool since we don’t really get to interact in our large classroom. I also got some new snappers which is always cool. When making my two snaps (2 on the left) on the one I believed to be Japanese the first thing that popped into my head was Godzilla hence the drawing. My next snap was of this top which was made of muslin was super unusual. I just pictured Kanye West releasing this for his yeezy collection with a ridiculous price tag. Overall drawin’ with snapchat was dope!