Wk 10- Art Experince- Instagram 

I was very excited for this weeks art experience since nearly every one has one now a days. It was verry interesting to see what my classmates shot photos of since there’s such an array of students. So my approach was to just spam post the pictures before the deadline, which I did. I mostly took photos of the night my friends and I had. My favorite photo I took was of a digital sign outside a massage parlor. Strange but yea that was my favorite picture. When I looked up our hashtag I found that I shared many similarities with my classmates. Most posts were either of food or just hanging out. Overall I think our group portrait has a little bit of everything.



Wk 10-Classmate Conversation- Nicole Chovit 

For this weeks classmate conversation I met Nicole Chovit. Nicole is currently a senior undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach and is graduating shortly. Nicole also hopes to continue school at Csulb to receive her masters in human development. Nicole would like to become a social worker or a school counselor. She would prefer working with high school students since they would be more relatbale. Nicole has prior experience working with younger children which is why she would prefer older children. Nicole has CSULB in her blood. I say this because she has a parent who works on camps and she also went to preschool at CSULB. Some of Nicole’s hobbies are baking and traveling although she claims to be a home body. Nicole hopes to travel the world no place in particular. A fun fact about Nicole is that she is actually Philippino.  




Dank Waters was a multi millionaire on earth, due to owning the largest pharmaceutical drug company. Dank was infatuated with immortality, so he spent his last dollars inventing an immortal pill. Now broke and with eternal life,  Dank figured he should move to moonbase alpha since it was much cheaper than earth. One week later, Dank hears the news that earth has blown. Dank was shocked! He loved Earth more than life and he loved life. Stricken with grief,Dank now has focused his life on sharing his wisdom and spreading stories of what life on earth once was.

Karim and I share many conversations on moon base alpha about what lies ahed for his soccer career. He asks me many questions that even with my wisdom I, I don’t hold the answers. I always advise him to stay patient and believe in his talents since that is what got him on moon base alpha

Stefan Grippen  I love coming to Stefan’s bar. It is probably one of my favorite places on moonbase alpha. I get to meet a lot of women as well as drink till I’m passed out. Stefan may hate me for causing a ruckus at his barber he knows I’m probably his best customer. As for Stefan…. he makes good drinks I guess.

chip 2000 I am very interested in Chip 2000 as i believe he is the only individual who has landed on moonbase alpha through some sort of time warp hole. I am very interested in Chips ideas, even though he usually reads my mind which becomes very annoying. Although Chip thinks he’s the best I always manage to block him from really seeing my hatred towards him.

Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Cabanig

img_5333-1 img_5335 img_5336image9

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: metals, silvers,coppers

Gallery: CSULB, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: n/a

Instagram: n/a

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Joy Cabanig. Sean is currently an undergraduate in the bfa metal department at Cal State Long Beach. Cabanig is originally from Los Angeles, but is currently living in Long Beach. Some of her interests include cooking, reading , and playing with her cats. Sean likes to keep busy and she believes it helps her creativeness. Her work is influence by her daily life. She is very open to her work as where she draws her inspiration from. Sean also like to inject humor and show her charisma in all her pieces.

The formal qualities of Cabana’s work consist of mainly metals. They all share the same color tone as from a rusted brown to a shiny finished look. Cabanig first starts off with a concept sketch before she even begins to work with the metals. She than gathers her metal piece probably copper, and then begins to work her piece from a sheet of metal. Her pieces vary from a very rustic necklace to a copper penis. The texture and finish of her pieces vary; while some are vary shiny to the finish and others dull. As well as her bowl and dish pieces that look very delicate and would probable break if actually put into use.

Cabanig’s work is inspired by her everyday experiences. Not much specific was on her mind while creating these pieces. She tries to invoke some sort of humor or charisma into work to show who she really is as a person. Her works are inspired by everyday scenarios which I found to be interesting .

I found this weeks artist to be very interesting. I always though as an artist you gathered your inspiration from a particular subject or object. Cabbing was the opposite her work is inspired be everyday life which she endures. This gave me the belief that really anyone cam do art. Cabanig may have some strange pieces, but I like that she isn’t phony and isn’t scared to she her work that’ s inspired by reality or the real.

Wk 9- Classmate Conversation- Bez Middleton 

This week I had the opportunity to meet Bez Middleton. Bez is a second year student at CSULB and is currently undeclared. Although undeclared, Bez is leaning towards becoming a criminal justice major . Bez went to Saint John Bosco High School which is very close to where I went to high school, Bellflower. Bez currently lives in Huntington Park and commutes to campus. Bez favorite sport is basketball which he enjoys playing on his free time as well as hanging out with friends. Fun fact about Bez is that he is really good at drawing, but he hates it. Sort of odd I thought since I’ve always wished I was able to draw. Dez favorite teams are the Cincinnati Bengals and the OKC Thunder. Some things Bez and I shared in common were that we both like sneakers a lot. Another fun fact is that Bez is actually friends with one of my fraternity brothers.

Wk 8- Art Experince-Automatic Drawing 


For this weeks art experience I didn’t know what we were gonna due. When discussing it in class I didn’t get what the point of this was, didn’t seem like any fun either. When actually trying to explain what we were about to my friend he didn’t get the concept either. I began to set up and tried to get relaxed. It was pretty weird at first and nothing was happening. I just told my friend to relax while we sat across the small table. He’s a smoker so relaxed with his cigarette while I watched tv. When he didn’t think of what was actually going on yeh pen began to move. I feel like the pen only began to move though because we tried pushing it. Overall I didn’t really like the experience but it was an experience so to say.

Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Bri Joy 


 Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: screen printing

Gallery: Csulb Schhol of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: n/a

Instagram: @bri.joy

Brianna Joy is currently an undergraduate student at CSULB and is expecting to graduate in the next semester or so. Bri first went the Orange County High Scholl of Arts and this is where she believes her passion started. She than went on to Orange Coast Collge before transferring to CSULB. Bri comes from a small town where she was isolated and when she arrived to Long Beach she felt culture shocked. The culture shock was good though as she says it inspired her artwork. Aside from art, Bri enjoys sports,surfing,yoga, and snowboarding.  She enjoys outdoor hobbies just because that is what she grew up doing as a child in the small town.

Bri’s primary use of art consists of screen printing. When you first look at your work you try to look for the image through all the lines. In some of her pices she has clean lines while other jagged sharp lines. Bri explains that the inspiration behind her work is trying to bring forth emotion through the versatility of her life, something that seems simple can be really complex. She believes the shifts in lines help her bring her point across. All of Bris’s work is black and white. She didn’t want to use color because she believes color conveys emotions. This was the first time Bri worked in black and white. She believed black and white would help her message behind the art become stronger. Bri also explains that her gallery is sort of like her life starting with clean lines in her first work in the gallery such as her piece Modesta and her later work in the gallery is more digitized with abrupt patterns and more rugged lines perhaps representing her move to long beach.

I thoroughly enjoyed Bri’s artwork . My favorite pieces were the more digitized images that were later in the gallery. What I liked most about her was that she wanted to put forth her best work when representing her name essentially her brand. She values her name and wants her work to represent her upbringing which is why she doesn’t have a website because she wants her work to have all she’s got and right now with school,  she can’t put all her time into her work. I can’t wait to see what other works she has in the future.