Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package


The concept of this art experience seemed very cool to me. I sort of saw this weeks art experience of kind of sending like a snapshot of your day, but you’re actually sending items rather than just an image. When creating my ACP I first was looking for items that are cool rather than looking for items that can tell a story. As for epherma, I to an extent agree with the definition of items or situations that are “short lived,” but the memories are eternal. In my ACP I have an article from my macroeconomics about guns and butter. This topic is not “short lived,” it has been a topic of discussion for ages. I also have a tag as well as a sticker. The Palace tag is one of my favorite streetwear brands. I could remember the day I received my jacket from London in the mail and believe this was a “short lived” experience. The “Round Two” sticker is a sticker from a cool vintage streetwear store on Melrose in Hollywood. I include the sticker just because the Round Two store is a business that I gain inspiration from. I also have my glasses from Beyond. I definitely don’t believe Beyond was a “short lived” experience. It was my first rave ever and I definitely remember it like it was yesterday. The experience itself is unforgettable. Last items I included in my ACP were my bracelets from Rosarito spring break 2016. It was my first time out of the county with out my parents. I was surrounded by fraternity brothers and it was  definitely a  wild 3 days. I enjoyed this weeks art experience because I feel like we took a trip to the dark ages and simulated a communication before cellphones controlled our life.


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