Dank Waters was a multi millionaire on earth, due to owning the largest pharmaceutical drug company. Dank was infatuated with immortality, so he spent his last dollars inventing an immortal pill. Now broke and with eternal life,  Dank figured he should move to moonbase alpha since it was much cheaper than earth. One week later, Dank hears the news that earth has blown. Dank was shocked! He loved Earth more than life and he loved life. Stricken with grief,Dank now has focused his life on sharing his wisdom and spreading stories of what life on earth once was.

Karim and I share many conversations on moon base alpha about what lies ahed for his soccer career. He asks me many questions that even with my wisdom I, I don’t hold the answers. I always advise him to stay patient and believe in his talents since that is what got him on moon base alpha

Stefan Grippen  I love coming to Stefan’s bar. It is probably one of my favorite places on moonbase alpha. I get to meet a lot of women as well as drink till I’m passed out. Stefan may hate me for causing a ruckus at his barber he knows I’m probably his best customer. As for Stefan…. he makes good drinks I guess.

chip 2000 I am very interested in Chip 2000 as i believe he is the only individual who has landed on moonbase alpha through some sort of time warp hole. I am very interested in Chips ideas, even though he usually reads my mind which becomes very annoying. Although Chip thinks he’s the best I always manage to block him from really seeing my hatred towards him.


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