Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Francisco Miranda 

In this weeks classmate conversation I met Francisco Miranda. Francisco graduated from Paramount  High Scholl which is close to where I went to high school, Bellflower. Although he graduated from Paramount High School, Francisco is from Lynwood. Francisco commutes to school from Lynwood which I would hate since it’s much farther than my commute. Francisco is an employed student, he works at Yoshinoya in his home town of Lynwood. Francisco enjoys sports, his favorite just so happen to be baseball and basketball. Almost the same as me besides football. Francsisco’s favorite basketball team is the Los Anglese Clisppers which I had a problem being a die hard Lakers fan. Francisco has been to a couple clippers games which he enjoyed very much. Perhaps we should go to lakers be clippers game. Francisco also enjoys playing video games on his PlayStation 4 on his free time.  His favorite color is green which can’t be blamed because who doesn’t love green. Francisco and I had many things in common, it was just hard to get past the fact he was a clippers fan. 


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