Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Andrea L. Williams


Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: ceramics, raw clay, cement, mason state

Gallery: Gatov-West



This week I had the courtesy of attending Andrea’s gallery. Instantly I was exposed to theses big images that were of the religious nature. At first I was shocked you usually don’t see many people tampering with the crucifix. I was intrigued by these images but at the same time alarmed. The material that the images were presented on was something different to me. At first glance I thought it was pieces of bumble gum painted. The fact that it is some sort of raw stone, ties into the works.

Andrea is an undergrad in ceramics and is expecting to graduate this semester. She likes to call her work religious yet twisted. She is Christian which influence her art work as we can see. Andrea’s art is meant to encompass her religiousness. Her pieces consist of ceramics and clay as well as mason state. Her pieces are hand made and wants people to see her handprints so she purposely does not smooth out the clay or cement. Aside from her art Andrea is a mom and owns her ordinary pets like her dog as well as some not so ordinary such as pigs and chickens. She also is very fond of music and even played in a band. The process of her work is very time consuming and it usually takes her a large time period.Andres loves working with ceramics because she believes it is very easy.

I enjoyed Andrea’s art because I believed she was very passionate about what she was doing as well as her religion. Her religion is the main focus of her work and it encompasses her religious beliefs. The pieces look like mass stone jutting out at you. The images can’t be missed! What I loved most was that Andrea made these pieces even though they probably may receive criticism just because of the religious factor.


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