Wk 6- photo walk 






We began our photo walk any headed toward the main pathway nearest to the bookstore. We made a quick stop to check out the stands selling clothes and sunglasses etc. I attempted to take photos of the clothes etc but with so may people walking it was hard to get the right shot. A tree caught my attention with its pink leaves so I took a photo of it from below.  Although I walk through this hall everyday i wasn’t aware of thisbeautiful tree. From the area near the bookstore we headed to the usu first floor. We walked through the usu and I seen a weird art posted on the wall. Again I wasn’t aware this painting was there. In the open area there was a water fountain surrounded by vibrant orange petal flowers that I found very beautiful. I took the picture from a close range to the flower. We than headed to the usu and went to the game room. There was a huge Jenna game set! I tried capturing the Jenga structure to make it appear like a larger scale. After the usu we headed to Brotma Hall where we ended our photo walk. I always walk pass Brotman Hall but never photographed it. So I was trying to capture the fountain in landscape as if it were for a postcard. When walking to my next class I decided to take a shot of lower campus and I think this was my favorite photo. As for my walk leader Crysta Tim I believe she did well as far as leading the walk but there definitely enough time to head to more sustains locations around campus. Overall I had fun noticing the little thing of our campus that are unappreciated.


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