Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Patrick Dong

This week I met Patrick Dong. Patrick is a fifth year undergraduate who is pretty familiar with the Long Beach area having attended Long Beach Jordan High School. Although he wasn’t too fond of his former school Jordan he enjoys Csulb much more. Patrick has several hobbies one of which is playing the acoustic guitar. When I asked Patrick what he enjoyed playing, he simply answered, ” I play what I like.” An answer I found to be very genuine. Aside from playing the gutair, Patrick also enjoys photography. He’s a freelance photographer and enjoys heading to random sites and shooting with friends. I also enjoy freelance photography and it’s something Patrick and I have in common. We also had anime in common. I don’t watch or know as much as Patrick, but he recommend some new shows I should watch. Patrick also enjoys reading magna and watching Korean drama. Funny story between Patrick and I is that we have actually met once before.Patrick helped my friend and I on a calculus problem for the  midterm . That one problem just so happened to take us two hours to figure out. It was a coincidence running into him again in this class.


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