Wk 5- Artist Conversation-Kristi Jensen 


Artist: Kristi Jensen


Media: copper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: n/a

Kristi Jensen is still attending school and feels like school is what drives her to explore different art techniques due to the variety of assignments assigned. Although she enjoys exploring different styles, she can’t wait to graduate so she can work freely. You may not tell now, but Kristi used to work as a flight attendant. Aside from that, Kristi loves the ink and has 8 tattoos. Kristi says she is not so great at “art speak” and doesn’t really know how to describe her formal qualities of work. Kristi is a dedicated worker and is know for meeting her deadlines. She is very precise and that is evident in her work.

This is Kristi’s first gallery that she created herself. Kristi has 5 different pieces in this art show that had a variety of different metal and copper pieces. Kristi describes that her work tends to consists of blueish, green, and orange colors. She gets the desired color by changing the patina of her material by either heat,chemicals, or scrubbing. “Magic!” she calls it. Kristi loves to use social media and gather ideas or minor details in their work that she may incorporate in her pieces. Kristi says she is currently working on a larger scale piece that hopefully will have mechanical parts.

Kristi’s favorite piece is a blueish green and purple necklace that she believes expresses her line work the most. I believe that Kristi enjoys using the patina of copper to express a unnatural color to the material. She enjoys demonstrating her clean work and work ethic. It’s the inspiration to work freely that drives her work now.

I can relate with Kristi on that I like to make my deadlines and have clean and presentable work. I like that is the desire to work on her own that drives her, I also tend to have these feelings and can’t wait to be out on my own as well. The fact that she put the whole gallery together is inspiring to me. It shows that hard-work can drive us to greater heights.


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