Wk 4- Art Experience-Grafitti Writing

So like usual, my friends decided we should leave earlier in the morning to avoid the dreadful L.A. traffic, and like usual we didn’t leave on the set time. We leave at about 1pm so we believe there wouldn’t be so much traffic. WRONG! The drive to Venice was about an hour and a half, and like usual looking for free parking around venice is terrible. We finally find free parking a few blocks away,and while were talking towards the boardwalk we pass through the Venice Canals. I had never visited the Venice Canals, which was pretty cool sine they filmed a few scenes their for one of my favorite shows Californicaton. Finally at the boardwalk, my friends and I were starving after such a long trip, so we decide to gave have lunch. We got distracted and forgot all about lunch, when a street performer was about to walk on broken glass. The show was awesome, this man walked on broken glass bottles without even gutting a cut. He must have a foot full of calases is what I’m thinking. So we finally head to the art wall and with so many nice pieces, i dint know what part i should use as my canvas. My friend immediately begins to paint, so I thought what the heck lets just get to it. Painting on the walls in venice does create a lot of buzz, a lot of people looked at us weird, maybe these were the sorts of people that see this as vandalism but who knows. Overall I enjoyed painting on the walls. It was such an awesome experience getting to put your piece of work on display with such great pieces. Although my  piece wasn’t the best looking, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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