Wk 6- photo walk 






We began our photo walk any headed toward the main pathway nearest to the bookstore. We made a quick stop to check out the stands selling clothes and sunglasses etc. I attempted to take photos of the clothes etc but with so may people walking it was hard to get the right shot. A tree caught my attention with its pink leaves so I took a photo of it from below.  Although I walk through this hall everyday i wasn’t aware of thisbeautiful tree. From the area near the bookstore we headed to the usu first floor. We walked through the usu and I seen a weird art posted on the wall. Again I wasn’t aware this painting was there. In the open area there was a water fountain surrounded by vibrant orange petal flowers that I found very beautiful. I took the picture from a close range to the flower. We than headed to the usu and went to the game room. There was a huge Jenna game set! I tried capturing the Jenga structure to make it appear like a larger scale. After the usu we headed to Brotma Hall where we ended our photo walk. I always walk pass Brotman Hall but never photographed it. So I was trying to capture the fountain in landscape as if it were for a postcard. When walking to my next class I decided to take a shot of lower campus and I think this was my favorite photo. As for my walk leader Crysta Tim I believe she did well as far as leading the walk but there definitely enough time to head to more sustains locations around campus. Overall I had fun noticing the little thing of our campus that are unappreciated.


Wk 5- Artist Conversation-Kristi Jensen 


Artist: Kristi Jensen


Media: copper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: n/a

Kristi Jensen is still attending school and feels like school is what drives her to explore different art techniques due to the variety of assignments assigned. Although she enjoys exploring different styles, she can’t wait to graduate so she can work freely. You may not tell now, but Kristi used to work as a flight attendant. Aside from that, Kristi loves the ink and has 8 tattoos. Kristi says she is not so great at “art speak” and doesn’t really know how to describe her formal qualities of work. Kristi is a dedicated worker and is know for meeting her deadlines. She is very precise and that is evident in her work.

This is Kristi’s first gallery that she created herself. Kristi has 5 different pieces in this art show that had a variety of different metal and copper pieces. Kristi describes that her work tends to consists of blueish, green, and orange colors. She gets the desired color by changing the patina of her material by either heat,chemicals, or scrubbing. “Magic!” she calls it. Kristi loves to use social media and gather ideas or minor details in their work that she may incorporate in her pieces. Kristi says she is currently working on a larger scale piece that hopefully will have mechanical parts.

Kristi’s favorite piece is a blueish green and purple necklace that she believes expresses her line work the most. I believe that Kristi enjoys using the patina of copper to express a unnatural color to the material. She enjoys demonstrating her clean work and work ethic. It’s the inspiration to work freely that drives her work now.

I can relate with Kristi on that I like to make my deadlines and have clean and presentable work. I like that is the desire to work on her own that drives her, I also tend to have these feelings and can’t wait to be out on my own as well. The fact that she put the whole gallery together is inspiring to me. It shows that hard-work can drive us to greater heights.

Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Patrick Dong

This week I met Patrick Dong. Patrick is a fifth year undergraduate who is pretty familiar with the Long Beach area having attended Long Beach Jordan High School. Although he wasn’t too fond of his former school Jordan he enjoys Csulb much more. Patrick has several hobbies one of which is playing the acoustic guitar. When I asked Patrick what he enjoyed playing, he simply answered, ” I play what I like.” An answer I found to be very genuine. Aside from playing the gutair, Patrick also enjoys photography. He’s a freelance photographer and enjoys heading to random sites and shooting with friends. I also enjoy freelance photography and it’s something Patrick and I have in common. We also had anime in common. I don’t watch or know as much as Patrick, but he recommend some new shows I should watch. Patrick also enjoys reading magna and watching Korean drama. Funny story between Patrick and I is that we have actually met once before.Patrick helped my friend and I on a calculus problem for the  midterm . That one problem just so happened to take us two hours to figure out. It was a coincidence running into him again in this class.

Wk 4- Classmate Converstaion- Carlos Cucafate


This week I met Carlos Cucufate. Carlos is a first year student and his major is business management. Carlos commutes from Inglewood, but doesn’t mind driving to school like most commuters.His favorites sports are soccer , as you can see by his jersey, and basketball where we both share the same favorite team, Lakers. Carlos and I share many things in common like we are both Salavadorean, we both like rap, and we both like sneakers. We also realized that we also have each other in another class together Econ 100.  Carlos is a very genuine guy and it was cool that I got to meet someone I have another class with.

Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan


Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: cargocollective.com/samueljerniganSamule said most of thrbdndn

Instagram: @samueljenri

I found these pieces by Samuel Jernigan very interesting because they brought back some childhood memories. Some of the pieces reminded me o something out of a Dr.Seuss book or a twisted disney character. Samuel Jernigan is art program graduate in bfa ceramics. He’s from central bay area California and grew up mostly around agriculture which may or may not play a role on his work. He has been working with ceramics for the past about 16 years. Samuel became very fond of ceramics and felt very comfortable working with the material. He decided to make pieces out of ceramics because he had grown very close with ceramics and preferred it by choice. Samuel said most of the pieces were done within four months besides 2 major pieces. My favorite piece is the “beheaded cinderella” as I like to call it. Is it really cinderella?  Who knows, but everything from the neck to collar bones is so clean with vivd lines and the happy face as head was just great. This was my very gallery this week just because it made me go back in time till when I was a kid again.








Wk 4- Art Experience-Grafitti Writing

So like usual, my friends decided we should leave earlier in the morning to avoid the dreadful L.A. traffic, and like usual we didn’t leave on the set time. We leave at about 1pm so we believe there wouldn’t be so much traffic. WRONG! The drive to Venice was about an hour and a half, and like usual looking for free parking around venice is terrible. We finally find free parking a few blocks away,and while were talking towards the boardwalk we pass through the Venice Canals. I had never visited the Venice Canals, which was pretty cool sine they filmed a few scenes their for one of my favorite shows Californicaton. Finally at the boardwalk, my friends and I were starving after such a long trip, so we decide to gave have lunch. We got distracted and forgot all about lunch, when a street performer was about to walk on broken glass. The show was awesome, this man walked on broken glass bottles without even gutting a cut. He must have a foot full of calases is what I’m thinking. So we finally head to the art wall and with so many nice pieces, i dint know what part i should use as my canvas. My friend immediately begins to paint, so I thought what the heck lets just get to it. Painting on the walls in venice does create a lot of buzz, a lot of people looked at us weird, maybe these were the sorts of people that see this as vandalism but who knows. Overall I enjoyed painting on the walls. It was such an awesome experience getting to put your piece of work on display with such great pieces. Although my  piece wasn’t the best looking, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Martin Diaz


This week I met Martin Diaz. Ironically we have the same last name. Martin is from northern San Diego and is a currently a junior. He lives in long beach in an apartment with a couple of roommates. Martin’s major is computer engineering and hopes to acquire a job that will allow him to use technology to work with cars. His interests include soccer,cars,and boxing. Martin is currently an amateur boxer and may have a potential bout soon. I found this very interesting since boxing devotes a lot of time and is very exhausting. Also a car enthusiast, Martin and I enjoyed talk about previous cars we had owned and cars we wish to acquire. We both love speed! As well as cars and boxing Martin also enjoys soccer such as the champions league. Martin likes to have a good time like I. It was nice meeting someone who I shared a lot of common with.