Wk 2-Art Experince-Plaster Casting

Since I couldn't make it to the beach with the class on Thursday due to having    class after I figured I'll go Friday the weather should be nice and I should have no problems. After being side tracked Friday morning I decided to go at around    4pm with my friend. We get there and I immediately realized I had forgot the      shovel! With no other choice I had to dig with my bare hands. The tide was coming in and without hesitation my first hole was immediately submerged. So I had to dig another whole meanwhile the sun was beginning to set. After digging my whole I   decided I would like to make a mold of the typical #1 hand gesture. So I grabbed  my bucket and began to mix the plaster. Meanwhile I had my friend go fetch some   water for the mix. While mixing the plaster I thought I had added to much water   and began to worry. Luckily it worked out. So I slowly begin to poor the plaster  into the mold. With a nice view of the sunset the wait for the plaster to harden  quickly went buy.Now with sun almost set I began to dig out my mold; again bare   handed since I had no shovel. My friend trying to be of use, helps me dig out the mold. He had no idea that he would have to be gentle while digging and I watched  as he grabbed my sculpture and a piece dropped onto the sand. Luckily it wasn't a disaster and my #1 mold actually wasn't that bad. Overall I definitely believe my experience would've been easier if I had gone with the class but ultimately I had fun making my mold and got to enjoy a nice sunset while doing it.

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