Wk 2-Art Experince-Plaster Casting

Since I couldn't make it to the beach with the class on Thursday due to having    class after I figured I'll go Friday the weather should be nice and I should have no problems. After being side tracked Friday morning I decided to go at around    4pm with my friend. We get there and I immediately realized I had forgot the      shovel! With no other choice I had to dig with my bare hands. The tide was coming in and without hesitation my first hole was immediately submerged. So I had to dig another whole meanwhile the sun was beginning to set. After digging my whole I   decided I would like to make a mold of the typical #1 hand gesture. So I grabbed  my bucket and began to mix the plaster. Meanwhile I had my friend go fetch some   water for the mix. While mixing the plaster I thought I had added to much water   and began to worry. Luckily it worked out. So I slowly begin to poor the plaster  into the mold. With a nice view of the sunset the wait for the plaster to harden  quickly went buy.Now with sun almost set I began to dig out my mold; again bare   handed since I had no shovel. My friend trying to be of use, helps me dig out the mold. He had no idea that he would have to be gentle while digging and I watched  as he grabbed my sculpture and a piece dropped onto the sand. Luckily it wasn't a disaster and my #1 mold actually wasn't that bad. Overall I definitely believe my experience would've been easier if I had gone with the class but ultimately I had fun making my mold and got to enjoy a nice sunset while doing it.

Wk 1- Art Experiene-Landscapes with a corpse.


Music usually tends to influence the youth. Today rap culture has sort of moved from rapping about selling drugs to abusing drugs. Last year unfortunately a young mogul buy the name of Steven Rodriguez better known by A$AP Yams passed away at the age of 26.Yams was the founder of A$AP Mob and is better know for shepherding the career of A$AP Rocky. It’s unclear if his death was due to overdose of prescription drugs but those that followed his life knew he suffered from a drug addiction particularly codeine and xanax. I believe that the youth gets carried away by the “hype” or maybe just idolize these figures too much to the point where they want to be just like them. Drug abuse is nothing to play with. In these pictures I depicted a death due to overdose by Yams drug of choice “lean ” which is a mixture of codeine with usually sprite. Although we tend to idolize these rap figures and want to be like them, act like them etc. I believe there is a line to be drawn when being cool is no longer cool. Unfortunately people due abuse prescription drugs and lives full of potential are lost due to it.


about me

My names Erick Diaz and I’m a business marketing major. Everyone usually calls me diaz or deezy. Growing up all I cared about was sports, but after realizing that wasn’t going to be in my future, I began to wet my feet in other hobbies. I LOVE MUSIC. Mostly rap, but I’m open to anything. Recently I bought a camera and began shooting for fun. It’s really sick. Along with music and photos I have a thing for clothes and sneakers. I look forward to gaining more knowledge about art and meeting more awesome people.